Real Madrid vs Dortmund (6-3agg) UCL 2017/18 Group 1,2 Match

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35 thoughts on “Real Madrid vs Dortmund (6-3agg) UCL 2017/18 Group 1,2 Match

  1. What a defend, what a Midfield and Atttack Real madrid had at that time🤧❤️🥺

    1. @Samuel Sihombing itu kata nya bang,madrid emang the best Pantek,

  2. young man u ronaldo: speed, trickery, power off the wing, creativity. late ronaldo: clutch poacher, super-effective number 9. was this ronaldo (2014-2018) the most lethal goalscorer ever?

    1. Ronaldo 68 goal since 2013 in madrid
      Ronaldo man United 🥲
      Ronaldo win 4 balon dor in madrid
      Ronaldo 450 gol in madrid
      Ronaldo 4 ucl in madrid
      Ronald 3 club world cup
      Man united small club

    1. Hell no. Barca 2009 , Man united 2008 were better and 2011 barca

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