Liverpool vs Borussia Dortmund 4-3 ● The Comeback ● HD

Liverpool vs Borussia Dortmund ● The Comeback
Song: Two Steps From Hell — Victory
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40 thoughts on “Liverpool vs Borussia Dortmund 4-3 ● The Comeback ● HD

  1. Origi must be have many thing to tell his grandchildren😂.

    1. Many things indeed. I still remember his last minute winning header against Everton when everyone had given up.

  2. As a Liverpool Fan Since 2006, this was the best match. So intense

  3. This comeback and against milan. I always remember those two. This is why I love Liverpool so much. They never give up

    1. Don’t forget 3-1 comeback win against Olympiakos. That result made the istanbul miracle happened.

    2. @Sufyan Ali if I am not mistaken, that was schevchenko in the last minute

  4. Although i am a Man United fan, this comeback is still my favourite

    1. Your not a real united fan. I fucking hate united. We don’t need praise from a plastic. Top of the league.

    2. @zach Close 🏳️‍🌈 True man united fans hate liverpool and its fans, and the opposite is also true. But I guess you’re still way too young to understand the passion of the «hatred» between the fans of these 2 clubs.

  5. Dortmund was surely something special and still are. Klopp done a great job with them indeed.

  6. Two years later and I still feel the same emotions as if it just happened. I remember me glued to the phone 3-1 down feeling as if something special was about to happen. When Lovren scored I couldn’t contain the joy in my office and everyone started thinking I was crazy. Tears come to my eyes everytime, That was a special moment.

  7. Looking back at old highlight videos with theese guys,something really struck me……: Divock Origi is the man for the big matches isnt he?! Scored against Dortmund,so Liverpool still mentally was in the game,scores against Barcelona…..and wait for it…..puts the nail in the coffin,securing Liverpools CL trophy! (And then im not forgetting his overall end of season performances) The young man is growing into a LFC legend! Defintly needs a new contract! He has grown alot on me over the years,he has gotten better and better. And now he has added on some good experience too!

  8. I get chills from Liverpool and the fans chant ✌️🇦🇺♥️

  9. I will always remember and memorized this moment…this was one of most greatest liverpool’s comeback…YNWA !!

    1. I just found this video, and still get goosebump after 3 years, when Sakho’s goal and Lovren flying . YNWA

    2. Same here i keep on rewinding the video back to the start just to watch it over and over again

  10. As a Dortmund fan I almost had a heart attack after Milner’s goal to 4: 3. Honestly, Liverpool’s greater fighting spirit was ultimately rewarded. Actually I`m a fan of LFC since 1966 when they unfortunately lost to Dortmund in the European Cup final.

    This means that if there is a game between these two teams I know before the game starts that I will be a winner.

  11. What a beautiful feeling I had at that moment … I remember that after shouting that goal I was left without a voice for 2 days YNWA

  12. Who is here after Liverpool’s beautiful 4-0 comeback vs Barcelona ?? The joy!

    1. @Broken Native but Tottenham masterclass vs Ajax is up there with this one

  13. Doesn’t matter what the score is,you must never give up.Hold your head up high and play from the heart.

  14. Such an amazing video of one of the greatest matches in the 21st century!

  15. Comeback kings or no, these fans have unparalleled ‘passion and singing voice’ among all football lovers. I wasn’t born in Merseyside, but I’m so fortunate that this club stole my heart when I was no more than a kid from 5000 miles away.

  16. One of the biggest matches I’ ve ever watched!!!
    So glad to watch it live!!!
    The clubs, their history, the fans…..
    Oh, I feel so blessed….!!!!

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