Sadio Manés first day at FC Bayern | Behind the scenes

We got up close and personal with Sadio Mané on his first day at FC Bayern! Enjoy these exclusive impressions of getting to know his new colleagues, the tour of the grounds and more.

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59 thoughts on “Sadio Manés first day at FC Bayern | Behind the scenes

  1. Sadio Mané= Talent + Hard work + Humility + Consistency + Discipline

  2. TQM Mané, suerte a donde vallas,te deseo exitos y triunfos para ti

  3. I’m an Arsenal man and I can’t tell you how much I love and respect Sadio. He’s everything a proper professional is.

  4. You can see the love and respect from his colleagues. A Superstar but humble. Wishing him all the best.

  5. This guy will be loved by all, both fans and players will adore him, wherever he goes. I will miss him playing for liverpool and I will now watch all is games in Germany. Thank you for your services @ Liverpool

  6. MasyaAlloh Tabarokallohu Mane………Good Man frm Senegal ,,Bambali Village

  7. The staff at Bayern Munich seem awesome. The whole vibe of the club is fantastic. As a Barça fan, I was hoping Sadio would join Barcelona but it didn’t happen😔 All the best to him & Bayern. He’s absolutely world class and he’s yet again at a world class club.

    1. Thank you! You don’t need mane, you have the goal maschine now. Good luck for the next season and see you in the CL Final ✌️

    2. Barcelona are bankrupt and now they try takes the northen EU countries taxpayers money! They gave many million Euros to Spain and another bakrupt countries down there .. like Italy and Greece! Start work lazy people and pay ur tax!

  8. very humble man , that what made him to be where he is now, young footballers have a lot to learn from Sadio honestly

  9. Uma das pessoas mais humildes da face da terra, não tem ostentação se preocupa com sua gente. Parabéns Sadio Mane vc é fantástico. Estou falando do Brasil, Deus te abençoe.

  10. Sadio is the most respected player I have ever seen his kindness and humility is rear to come by

  11. We’ll miss him enormously but hope he continues to excel. He’s a great player and a lovely guy!

  12. I’m a Liverpool fan and I was sad to see him leave. But it warms my heart to see him happy because he gives everything for the love of the game! It was a privilege to see him perform in my lifetime.

  13. Спасибо Мане за проведенные годы в Ливерпуле! Всегда отдавал всего себя игре

  14. Thanks for the walkthrough guys.. I felt like part of the team! 👍🏾

  15. This guy is just class, anyone who hates him must have a serious problem.. From such humble beginnings to Superstardom. I’m from Zambia but super proud of our brother on what he has achieved and will achieve in munich.

    1. Auch was er in eurer Heimat tut, ist der Hammer! Toller Mensch!

  16. Ein ganz ganz feiner Mensch und Spieler. Schön zu sehen, dass es noch Spieler gibt, die eindeutig auf dem Boden geblieben sind.

    1. @El Turco Blödsinn!! Menschlichkeit zu zeigen ist keine Folge jedweder Religionszugehörigkeit…

    2. REPENT AND FOLLOW THE COMMANDMENTS AND LIVE, STUDY KJV BIBLE TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE COMMANDMENTS (GOD AND THE WORDS OF GOD)…don’t be distracted nor deceived!…neither religion, nor rosaries, nor sports, nor wealth, nor earthly achievements, nor Vaccinations, nor any tradition can save you!

  17. Take care of Sadio Mane ❤ he’s a world class footballer and an even better human being. Hope we meet in the CL final. Best of luck Bayern Munich and Mane ❤

  18. He’s a very respectful guy.. Removing his hat when meeting the coach and staff says loads about him.

  19. As a Liverpool Fan, I still can’t believe he’s gone.. We are going to miss him a lot.. I can still imagine him in one of the Liverpool’s backstage videos where he’s casually chilling on the massage table or in the gym.. Man’s made of steel. Liverpool Legend
    All the very Best Sadio Lad !!!
    You’ll Never Walk Alone ❤️

    1. @pesk702 I’m from Tunisia 🇹🇳 and I’ve always considered him the best Liverpool player. As of being a difference maker with Senegal, it only happened lately as we all know, professional players give more to their clubs than their countries,

    2. You guys never celebrated him winning Afcon or Afcon player of the year twice. Because they didnt want to upset Salah

    3. @Russ Liverpool ay is that why he left wages ?? ..mate I’d sack Oxlade chamberlin if it meant keeping sadio

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