Oliver Kahn — Top 10 Saves for FC Bayern

In his 14 years playing for FC Bayern München, Oliver Kahn became famous for passion, ambition and top-class performances. Check out the 10 best saves from the three-time world goalkeeper. Happy 50th birthday Titan!

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30 thoughts on “Oliver Kahn — Top 10 Saves for FC Bayern

  1. A little bit disappointing
    Kahn definitely had some better save!
    One of the best goalkeepers of all time

  2. Ещё одна уходящая легенда

  3. Absolute legend, I admired him since I was a kid and Still do. He is the reason why I have supported Germany since I began watching international football.

  4. All time grate gollkeepar..💕💕💕💕. A little fan from INDIA.. Such manta ho to like karo..

  5. A emoção não é de tristeza, mas por saber que ninguém é igual, e, nunca mais veremos esse estilo de jogador. Líder, técnico e que honra a camisa que veste. Dangeschee!!!
    Mia, san mia!

    From, Rio de Janeiro — Brasil.

  6. As a keeper those off foot “swipes” w/ hand crossing the goal (parallel to goal line) are the most difficult and he always handled em

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