Manuel Neuer’s impressive training at Lake Tegernsee | FC Bayern

What does Manuel Neuer do to stay in shape in the current situation? The four-time world's best goalkeeper is practicing with Toni Tapalović, FC Bayern's goalkeeper coach, close to Lake Tegernsee. Enjoy the best moments of this impressive training session!

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48 thoughts on “Manuel Neuer’s impressive training at Lake Tegernsee | FC Bayern

  1. I use to think goalkeepers didn’t get tired or sore as much as outfield player but think about it. All the saves and stretches they do , all the hard landing their body takes and much more made me respect that position even more.

    1. Once you know how to fall it’s not bad. Never use your hand break your fall.

    2. I’ve been futsal keeper since very young age, and there you definitely get sore since you always have to be in the ready position and the game is much, much faster

    3. especially the best of the best. they really do so much and its so impressive.

    4. Not to mention that they are usually first to blame when a goal is conceded

  2. When you find yourself useless, remember of Manuel Neuer’s backyard goal net.

  3. Manuel Neuer’s performance in Porto vs Schalke game was the best performance I ever saw from a goalkeeper. He made whole Porto team desperate and some of the players litterally crying. The guy is pure class ever since and that was like 12 years ago

    1. I was at that game, I didn’t need to be reminded of that man… dude won the game almost by himself it was crazy

    2. I remember that game! He was like.. Not from this planet that day!
      Un — freaking — believable… Still remember the desperation of the Poro players…

  4. Ich bin zwar BvB Fan aber Manuel ist ein echter Profi und hat jeden Respekt verdient. Es gibt sie also doch die Profis die für ihren Traum alles geben. Für mich bist und bleibst du ein Vorbild für viele Generationen

    1. @Majean ja und ? er hat doch nichts falsches gesagt. Manuel ist ein Profi und hat alles dafür gegeben punkt.

    2. @Mohammad Khanaqin Jeder Profi musste hart arbeiten um dahin zu kommen wo er steht

    1. Yea he should play for a Bundesliga clubs..emmm…maybe Schalke?I could see him there!

    2. Bru he is manuel Nuer are u dumb

      I just want to get R/ooooooooshed no hate

  5. Sou fã d+ desse cara! Pra mim é o melhor goleiro da história do futebol! Queria tanto ganhar uma camisa dele autografada mais por morar tão longe é meio complicado! Parabéns Neuer pela carreira espetacular e por todos os títulos conquistados! Aquela Copa do mundo no Brasil você foi fenomenal!

    1. For the non Germans: It’s in his private backyard of his villa on an exclusive lake south of Munich which is known for excessive sqft pricing for lakeview properties.

    2. I think he just need to train reflexes, jumps and idk what so maybe that’s enough space

  6. Exemplo de profissionalismo por isso que é o melhor goleiro do mundo !!!

  7. Por isso, com certeza é um dos 5 goleiros da história do futebol.. TmjSRN 🔴⚫🇧🇷

  8. O cara é um monstro no treino..dá pra entender seu desempenho nos jogos!!!!!

  9. Isso que é um verdadeiro grande goleiro, foco em receptar as bolas e não fazer malabarismos que acabam cedendo rebotes e escanteios. Um exemplo de goleiro.

  10. Esse cara é inspiração pra qualquer um , verdadeiro mooonstroo

  11. Concentradissimo. Defender tão bem num lugar como esse… Também, ele está acostumado!

    Independente de tudo ele é um grande goleiro. Abraços aqui do Brasil

  12. Esse é sem dúvida um dos maiores goleiros do mundo e aí está explicado o pq

  13. Gran entrenamiento💪⚽️
    Ese tipo de rutinas se emplean aqui en uruguay y dan excelente rendimiento 👏👏👏

  14. Watch how every dive and jump looks the same. This is the best goalkeeper of all time, his technique is flawless

  15. El mejor guardameta del mundo 💪

    He’s the best goolkeaper of the word 💪

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