Manuel Neuer: Best Saves & Skills in the Champions League | FC Bayern

With several awesome performances, Manuel Neuer played a major role in FC Bayern's UEFA Champions League victory. Enjoy this compilation of his best saves and skills from the 2019/20 season.

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45 thoughts on “Manuel Neuer: Best Saves & Skills in the Champions League | FC Bayern

  1. Paris: We have Neymar, Mbappe and Di’Maria
    Bayern: We have a Neuer.

    1. (2022) Paris: We have Neymar, Mbappe and Messi
      Bayern: Neuer, start training!!

  2. this guy is clearly the best goalkeeper of all times. never saw so much talent in one lad… absolutely incredible! and such a amazing human being outside the pitch, you are legend Manu!

    1. @Khiêm Nguyễn Khắc what can Buffon do that Neuer cannot do? Both command their box, both have cat like reflexes, but Neuer can start a play from the back and Buffon cannot.

  3. Childhood Hero. Met him when I was eight in Gelsenkirchen, Germany when he played for my team Schalke. He was so genuine and kind. Will always be one of my favourite players.

  4. His name is ManWall Neuer, he changed goalkeeper game for ever, high defensive line would be impossible without goalkeeper like him. Yashin, Casillas, Buffon, Kahn were all extraordinary goalkeepers, but if you ask me who is the best among this legends, it clearly is Neuer.

    1. ​​@David Rufus-Giwa your are talking bullshit too much Fifa huh

  5. He is not even just the best goalkeeper of all times,
    he revolutionized the position he plays and thus the whole game.

  6. O time Brasileiro que sou fã é o Gigante Flamengo, e da Europa sempre são Real Madrid e Bayern de Munique

  7. People don’t know how important he is. Bayern was able to play the high line only because this guy was in goal. Such calm and collected he is!! He truly is the G.O.A.T. Thanks captain, you made the dreams of your team and your fans come true.

    1. @Baby Yoda yashin is behind casillas neuer and buffon in my opinion

    2. @she in the gym tonight Yashin could be the second best of all time behind Neuer obviously

  8. El mejor del mundo y probablemente el mejor de toda la historia, enorme Neuer

  9. Consistent, never spills the ball/conceding easy balls, not showdiving, positioning and handling is outstanding, still incredible reflexes, Neuer is still the best keeper.

  10. Este año demostró ser el mejor portero del mundo en todo sentido de la palabra no hay portero que se le comparé a Manuel Neuer feliz que siga 3 años más en el Bayern Munich 🤗🤗🤗

  11. He’s the best rounded GK of all time imo. Has everything you need in a GK in a modern game.

  12. No doubt he is the best goalkeeper in the world. The best of all times! 👆🔝👍

  13. the best goalkeeper in the world and the most handsome goalkeeper in the world as well

    1. Bayern the one of the best teams ever.Neuer one of the best goalkeepers ever.

  14. It’s time to say it
    Manuel Neuer is the greatest goalkeeper of all time.

  15. The greatest goalkeeper of all time without any doubt. He lifted goalkeeper position on whole new another level. He won Treble with Bayern 2 times. He won 2014 World Cup with Germany and was best goalkeeper of that tournament. He was voted best goalkeeper of year 5 times. Simply to say…. THE WALL AND THE GOAT

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