50 thoughts on “Highlights: Liverpool Legends 5-5 FC Bayern Legends | Alonso, Gerrard, Kuyt and more

  1. Everyone was smiling, no serious preasure, unlike the last 10 years ago. Legends never die.

    1. @Thomas Jones every footballer who achieved professionality is a legend

    2. @Raras Sandi Liverpool 2nd of the premier league unbeaten this season “one season wonder”

    3. @MIEVE even your legends play better than your current team now 😂

  2. Alonso: biggest betrayel 😂😂
    Scoring against a club you played for 20 minutes ago

    1. He already betrayed them when he give an assist for Munchen 4th goal XD

    2. He passed it to them to score in the first half aswell 😂

  3. Did anyone find it weird that the Liverpool Alonso player looked very similar to the Bayern Alonso player? Strange.

  4. Bayern scores, all the fans are cheering, too. this is respect! absolutely love it <3

  5. Alonso : Realmadrid legend, Liverpool legend and Munich Legens .. wherever he was played he will be a legends

    1. @Ghazi Uddin he will be 70 years old by the time he retire 😂😂.Lions don’t compare themselves with human

    2. @Дмитрий Давидчук Maybe not at the level of Pizarro, Muller, Basti nowadays, but he is a legend and i dont recall any Bayern fan complaining about him, we loved him

  6. I love Stevie G, to be honest i almost cried the last day he played for liverpool. Legend player. — From Man Utd fan.

    1. Yes i love him too. Miss him. Humble and simple personality with amazing skills.

  7. Always love it when the legends come out to play… Fun to watch.

  8. Xabi Alonso: I scored against the same team i played for in the same match
    Phil Jones: First Time?

  9. Idk why I’m smiling so wide rn seeing Alonso here. Really miss the man

  10. Steven gerrard is the reason i love liverpool fc till date.. I miss these guys on the pitch. When soccer was soccer

  11. Even with the old age they can still score fantastic goals. They are True Legends 🏆🏆👏👏

  12. Gerrard, Alonso, Kuyt and Agger all have a special place in my heart. ALL TOTAL LEGENDS! YNWA!

    1. @Daniyal Khan Maybe because he worked really hard because he was good but never a top player. That’s why he had to work so hard. Liverpool is the number one club from England with a lot of legendary players. I think he was not the level of a legend but a good example for others the give everything you have for your club.

    2. @silverGTO TwinTurbo It really wasn’t that simple. Rafa wanted Barry and Keane as a left sided duo. If he could only have one he wanted Barry, who was more versatile, a quality Rafa liked in players. He was given Keane and told to sell to buy Barry.

      Now, a bit of context: Steve McClaren had just dropped Frank Lampard for Garth Barry to play with Gerrard and turned England’s results around. Craig Bellamy won City’s Player of the Year with Barry behind him, just as Rafa wanted Barry to play behind Keane.

      Rafa bought Alonso, so he doesn’t need you to tell him how good he was. But Alonso had been out injured for a long time, come back and been injured again almost immediately. That’s a concern for any manager that a player may become an injury list fixture.

      So Alonso was put up for transfer. Do you remember who bid for him? Let me remind you: Juventus offered £12.5m. That is all. No other bids. Where were all the top managers bidding for this midfield genius? Nowhere to be seen. How would you feel if £12.5m was all you could get offered for you? Would you sulk and blame the manager?

      This stuck in Alonso’s craw and he had arguably his best season at Liverpool. Maybe Rafa should’ve upset him sooner but anyway, then Real came in a year later to offer £25m. But context again: they’d just spent £80m on Ronaldo and £56m on Kaka.

      How would you feel if there was a lot of story behind something but people just kept spouting cliches about you?

  13. This is beautiful, thank you Liverpool for creating beautiful moments like this that show the beauty of football

  14. I love these sorts of games. No competitive pressure. You can see everyone’s just out there having fun regardless of the scoreline

  15. It’s around 2010 when I began to love watching football match on TV..Surprising to see their headlines everywhere on news..Xabi, Stevie and Owen..all of them are stunning..their own different type of how they leads the ball into the goal..I always miss their beautiful total football game..

  16. Legends will be always remembered.. Love to see Gerard become LFC Manager one day❤️

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