Gheorghe HAGI (Barcelona) vs Bayern Munchen 1996 ● Goal & Highlights

One of the best players of the generation of the 1990s, Gheorghe Hagi played for rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona. However, none of them achieved the success that was expected. Here, playing for Bleugrena against Bayern Munchen, he made a good start and left his mark.

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Gheorghe HAGI Vs Bayern Munchen (1996)
Bayern Munchen 2-2 Barcelona

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51 thoughts on “Gheorghe HAGI (Barcelona) vs Bayern Munchen 1996 ● Goal & Highlights

  1. Maybe the most underrated player in history,he was an amazing player

  2. How good was Gheorghe Hagi?
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    1. @Umut Tatlıcı to bad your opinion means nothing when you asume that Barcelona did not win la liga becquse of him…for sure you are a fenerbahce troll…Hagi showed you turks how real football looks…if he wouldnt have been romanian he would have been voted in top 10 all time footballers for sure…players like figo or your best turkish footballers used to make his boots

    2. ​@Buğra Baloğlu Hagi the best player în Turkey în the last 100 years!

    3. @Umut Tatlıcı For you it is because u»re not Galata fan . But let me tell you the order Pele , Maradona, Hagi and others after Hagi . Hagi never scores goals , always scores golazo he was a midfilder with finnes play never a forward.

  3. for romanian fans, Hagi was exactly the same thing as Maradona for argentinians
    never in the history of our football we don’t had a player of this level

  4. As a Romanian i have to say also that besides Hagi, two other legends are also in this video
    Figo and Kahn.

  5. In the market where Neymar makes 200 million, Hagi’s worth 1 billion euros. One of the top 5 players in history. No debate

    1. @Buğra Baloğlu ya Alex bi Sneijder bile etmezkenn ,nasil hagi ile mukayese ederler,akil alır gibi değil

    2. @Buğra Baloğlu Hagi world football legend. Alex Fenerbahce legend.

    3. @Buğra Baloğlu objektif düşünenler de problem zaten, objektif duşunenlerinizde onlarla şey yapiyorlar yok yok hagi daha iyi diyorlar,problem o zaten 😁😁😁

    4. @Buğra Baloğlu bu mukayese yalnız turkiyeden çıkardı, ayıp ya gercekten

  6. Best player my country had , a legend , a hero . I’m proud to have such a great romanian player !

    1. @Stoica Florin stfu hater. No wonder why they say Romanians are not united

    2. @Stoica Florin apoi țărani ca tine sincer ne fac mai mult de ras cu asa un limbaj. Da no , ce sa iti cerem daca atâta poți !

  7. I don’t enjoy watching football matches that much anymore. That’s why I love Hagi so much because he’s not a football player; he is a great artist.

  8. Hagi and Platini my favorite creative midfielders I have seen. His goal against Colombia in 1994 WC, one of my favorites.

  9. Hagi had such amazing skills, class, speed. He was truly a golden player.

  10. He is the best player ive seen played in galatasaray. he was my legend player in my childhood times. we will never forget you!! Respect hero!!!

  11. Am vazut meciul in direct. Eram copil pe atunci. Am fost teribil de incantat de spectacolul facut pe teren de al nostru Hagi.

  12. Hagi and Figo. What a great combination. Both legends at the time. Watching this brings back memories goose bumps and shivers down the spine.

  13. Gheorghe Hagi and Luis Figo had such an incredible tactic connection… Too bad they didn’t achieve more from that. Either way, Hagi was an incredible player, partially responsible for Galatasary’s UEFA cup from 99/20. Last season when it wasn’t considered Europe’s 2nd inter-clubs tournament.

    1. @Bashkim Suka how unsecure are you with your ethnicity that you convert a gypsy to albanian? Really poor guy

    2. @Ertem Şener Meaning of the sultan is no such thing being a turkish word that as to whether. This is the title of the king, not his wife.

  14. Para el que no sabe, George Hagi era un crack enorme. Muchos nombran 20 jugadores mejores de la historia y Hagi ni aparece, sin embargo para mí está en el top ten.

    1. Hagi fue un fuera de serie. Entre los mejores de todos los tiempos

    2. Si es así de echo lo mismo paso con xavi que en mi opinión son muy similares en juego por aquellos dos eran el filtro por donde pasaba el juego tanto en defensa y ataque com un pequeño plus para hagi por que era más media punta y más goleador y otro plus para xavi por que metía mejor los pases entre líneas. En todo lo demás son prácticamente iguales en estilo de juego estatura etc. Con esto quiero decir que los dos son de los mejores de la historia pero no se le toman en cuenta por que hoy día los conocidos son los que tiene buena prensa y buen marketing y por que no eran delanteros. Los que los han visto jugar saben que no se pueden comprar y que son mejores estos que muchos de hoy día que se le dan mucho bombo y no les.llega la suela de los zapatos a xavi, hagi y otros como ellos

    3. Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Si Hagi fuera de América del Sur o de Europa Occidental, estaría en el Top 10 de los «llamados» expertos.

  15. He defeats one of the best goalkeepers ever. Hagi is a true legend!

  16. Haggi was a gladiator and a Soldier in the field and he wasn’t​ playing my friends. He was a World Class Player my friends.

  17. So natural with the ball at his feet!!! Pure class!!! Grand Master🥇

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