FC Bayern München — Copy The Penalty Challenge

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On the Bundesliga pitch they may seem like fierce warriors but once you put them up to a playful challenge they sure know how to have a laugh. During the "Audi Summer Tour" @FC Bayern München stars like Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer, Serge Gnabry, Joshua Kimmich and many more came together to face eachother in a hillarious penalty challenge. Spoiler: Musiala will blow your mind. But what do you think: Which penalty did you like best? Let us know in the comments.

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55 thoughts on “FC Bayern München — Copy The Penalty Challenge

  1. I love how it’s a goalkeeper two defenders and a midfielder against a striker, two wingers, and a forward in a shooting challenge

    1. • J҉O҉R҉D҉ϟ҉ NĄVĪDĖÑØ •【🔥ↅ̾.̾Ṯ̾.̾Ṿ̾.̾Ğ̾🔥】:

      @Milk man The gamer Solamente hizo dos buenas atajadas, una en el mundial de Brasil y la otra en Rusia. Las demás cualquier portero las ataja JAJAJA.

    2. @• J҉O҉R҉D҉ϟ҉ NĄVĪDĖÑØ •【🔥ↅ̾.̾Ṯ̾.̾Ṿ̾.̾Ğ̾🔥】 “porque nunca ha sido bueno” pero Ochoa siempre salvo a mexico en el mundial e es el más mejor portero en mexico, e lo sabe el mundo que Ochoa es el mejor portero de mexico ahora porque vieron como jugó en el mundial e saben que si es bueno e si trae algo a mexico pero eres un hater de Ochoa so no vas a creer que es bueno

    3. • J҉O҉R҉D҉ϟ҉ NĄVĪDĖÑØ •【🔥ↅ̾.̾Ṯ̾.̾Ṿ̾.̾Ğ̾🔥】:

      @Milk man The gamer Porque nunca ha sido bueno y de la nada es convocado a la selección y es titular indiscutible con América, los que realmente sabemos de fútbol sabemos que ochoa es malo, y si está donde está es por telerisa y sus promotores, no por el.

    4. @• J҉O҉R҉D҉ϟ҉ NĄVĪDĖÑØ •【🔥ↅ̾.̾Ṯ̾.̾Ṿ̾.̾Ğ̾🔥】 jajaja porque dices eso pero todo los mexicanos ya saben e vieron como juega el Ochoa?
      Ochoa es el mejor portero en mexico 🇲🇽

    5. • J҉O҉R҉D҉ϟ҉ NĄVĪDĖÑØ •【🔥ↅ̾.̾Ṯ̾.̾Ṿ̾.̾Ğ̾🔥】:

      @Milk man The gamer No, destaca porque esta bien apadrinado con la FMF, telerisa y todos los medios JAJAJA. Y sus promotores fueron los que le ayudaron a llegar a Europa.

  2. Dang, I never realized what a great leader Lewy is. Just a strong, positive voice and action for his teammates. Love it

  3. The fact that Bayern put English subtitles so foreign fans can understand 👏👏

    1. It’s because he’s the captain of the neuer team and lewandowski is wearing one too cuz he’s the captain of the lewandowski team

  4. They needed more challenges like the last one. Something different. Crazy how he almost got it

  5. Kimmich tucks his shirt in because he’s 200% professional and old school ❤️

  6. Kimmich is built different, always cold, 💯 focus , winning mentality. Pure maestro

  7. I wasn’t expecting to see Guillermo Ochoa 🇲🇽 in this challenge 😁

  8. Ochoa appearing in this made me surprised and happy as well 🔥

    1. @Jimmy Johnny dude u must be in middle school. He’s been active since 2002 and starred for Mexico for well over 15 yrs! Show some respect u peon

    2. @ANormalGuy no, he plays for América, a Mexican club. But i wish he would have played for a big european side, shame he came back to Mexico, and to my favorite clubs rivals

    3. @Jimmy Johnny definitely not overrated, he was incredible for years, he stagnated in América for over a decade. He started to decline after 2014 actually

  9. 2:42
    We came to see the other 7, Robert was never going to miss that.

  10. apparently, that’s what makes Kimmich a good player🤣 always keeping it professional😎

  11. Kimmich looks like a great coach already.Like some old school headmaster with his tack in😀😊😅🔥.Lad has a bright future

    1. I had a feeling he would have the best. And his challenge was the trickiest. The kid’s got talent.

  12. Kimich look like 65 year old retired soccer player with his shirt tucked in

    1. @watch Dominion documentary now that you say it I see it. But Kimmich is much cuter

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