Defeat in the rain at Green Bay | Highlights FC Bayern vs. Manchester City 0-1

In a turbulent match, including intermittent rain interruptions, FC Bayern is beaten 0-1 by Manchester City after Erling Haaland's goal. Check out the highlights of the match in Green Bay.

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93 thoughts on “Defeat in the rain at Green Bay | Highlights FC Bayern vs. Manchester City 0-1

  1. That sliding defence from Upamecano against Haaland was just so good and smooth .

    1. And that defense on Grealish when we conceded the goal was so poor from Upamecano

  2. Alle Neuzugänge haben wirklich Startelfpotenzial. Manè wird sowieso der wichtigste Faktor für die Entwicklung der bayerischen Offensive. Gravenberch ist die optimale Konkurrenz für Kimmich und Goretzka.

    1. @Thomas Miller jajaja 25mio für nen Trainer der dann nach der Winterpause geht alles klar

    2. Also der Kommentator weiß immernoch nicht was abseits ist und was nicht-.- echt schlimm

    3. @xMythpug Da sieht man dass jemand keine Ahnung hat Müller wird 33 und das ist seine vorletzte Saison sie suchen einen top Spieler und ja er ist kein 10 aber wenn du das nicht wusstest kann man die Aufstellung einfach ändern

    1. @ROB Es hat gezeigt, welch Ambitionen in diesem Kerl stecken. Er zerreißt sich für den Verein und bekleidet gleichzeitig die RV-Position und IV-Position 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Dieser pass von De Bruyne auf Grealish ist ja mal sowas von perfekt. Angetäuscht und dann durch die Verteidiger mit perfekter Länge, einfach traumhaft.

    1. @Horst Denton Ach komm, ist das einzige Tor, das findst du schon, ich glaub an dich

    2. DONNERSTAG 17 UHR GEHT ES AB !!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ mein neuer Song erscheint nämlich dann !

  4. muller was onside when he moved to receive the ball from the pass, a clear goal

    1. @Ayushman You can see the man city players leg was making it onside.

  5. It was so fun seeing this game in person, an awesome experience. Too bad Bayern didn’t win, but they played an awesome game and the defense was outstanding. Love Bayern!

    1. @TKD / Siüüü i believe all city fans respect bayern bro, we’re to little compared to bayern🤣

    2. @Kevin Eks I am so happy that those two fantastic teams are very kind to each other and as a Bayern fan i love to see such nice comments from a man city fan . You are my man 👍

    3. bayern is so scary, as a city fan i couldn’t hold my heart beat🤣

    4. @boitumelo matlou The defense was good. It´s just Man city played really well. They have crazy passing skills. Respect to them.

  6. 3:27 geiler Wechsel!! oder habe ich was übersehen :D. Brazzo Dealt sogar im Spiel weiter.

    1. @Blauer Himmel also viel mit Fußball hast du nicht zu tun. Wer ist Maretz bitte und warum kennst du ihn nicht.

  7. Sabitzer again one of the best players. Happy that he seems to get better this year

  8. ❤❤Thank you guys so much, what a match, its a friendly but it genuinely felt like a champions league quarter or semi final. Performed purely for the competition, and it was amazing fun 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    1. Lol love the respect but no CL quarter or semi would be 80 min 😂

  9. Even though Bayern lost i still feel proud of how they played the match

    1. bayern is so scary, as a city fan i couldn’t hold my heart beat🤣

  10. I was there in person and I gotta say it was an amazing game. Even though Bayern didn’t get the dub, they still played well and had A LOT of good chances

    1. Ik, City was by far more dominant and played by far better possession, but Bayern had a couple of good chances but failed to finish. Also, Bayerns goal was onside but was ruled off, so there’s that too

    2. if u have watched the game you could see bayern have created some very good chances that aren’t reflected in shot attempts. city have created lots of chances too but at the same time some of these shot attempts are from tight angle which were not possible for actual goals unless keepers error. on top of that bayern should have scored first if the ref did not wrongly disallow it for being offside.

    3. So how come the highlights paint a different picture? Makes it seem like City were dominant.

  11. Mucho ánimo fue un partido bastante entretenido lo que si me preocupa es la actitud de Sane le falta más ganas y garra a la hora de pelear los balones perdidos.

    1. Yes me too but it s the pre season he wants to have power for this season

    2. Decepcionante Sane, en partidos grandes nada de nada, pero bueno, me queda el consuelo de que fue amistosos.

    3. He doesn’t love bayern like he loved Liverpool. That’s the problem

    4. @javier aguirre moran Wonder if that is why pep sold him because of his attitude because ablity wise he was good for city anyway at least you have mane now who has the ablity and right attitude he has no problem running back to defence to tackle someone. You are pretty stacked on wings tbh with mane.coman,gnabry,sane,davies

    5. @Jn94 es que es la verdad, estos amistosos no dicen nada, el Barcelona el año pasado arrasó en amistosos y como le fue en la temporada, calmate y espere a que llegue lo importante, estos partidos es para probar jugadores jóvenes y hacer dinero extra nada más.

  12. City was playing a bit better or at least a bit more dominant, but with more luck we could have just as well won. I am satisfied.

    1. @Kaede Akamatsu Clearly you didn’t watch the game. Haaland had multiple chances to score but was seemingly trying to be unselfish. Instead if shooting eith the huge chance he had, he tried to square it allowing(I can’t remember what defender) to block him. So what if haaland got pocketed by them in a worst team than bayern? Now he has an actual good team to create many chances for him. Heck he can even just stay in the box and just tap in. Haaland only scored because he was at the tight place at the right time, we saw the same positioning when he scored a second goal but unfortunately Bernardo was offside

    2. @Your Daily Joe that is bullshit and you know it. haaland only scored because of that grealish dive and that pass from grealish. all haaland did this game was score a tap in. haaland was known to get pocketed by hernandez and upamecano when he was still in the bundesliga and is was no different here. not once has haaland won anything against either of them.

    3. @Raptile07 This is a friendly neither team is playing at their best but City were simply better as the stat show boys against men and beat you in this match.

      Your Bayern team hasnt played this current City side in the UCL have you?? City been playing without a proper striker for 2 seasons now.. And now with Halaand and Alvarez this team will score all those missed chances in UCL.

      I personally think City will kick your back doors off the hinges if both played at their best.

      At this moment City and Liverpool are the most dominant football playing teams in the world.

  13. Rebbecca- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞:

    I was there in person and I gotta say it was an amazing game. Even though Bayern didn’t get the dub, they still played well and had A LOT of good chances

  14. 🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨:

    That sliding defence from Upamecano against Haaland was just so good and smooth .

  15. The ref was outrageous.. and you could see it in the way the game was played, Bayern grew more cautious in the 1 on 1s bc anything was a foul while city could do whatever without consequences to get the ball

    1. Bro chill it was just a friendly, gg. Hopefully we meet u in the UCL FINAL 🤞

    2. @glory mika yeah, and it started with minute 13 after the weather Delay.

    3. @Adoc Wasnt anything near a foul… especially in premier league hardness

    4. @glory mika The freekick resulting in a goal wasn’t a foul either 💀

  16. Die neue Saison wird mit De Light, Mané, Gravenberg, Mazraui und Tel so geil!

  17. können wir mal kurz festhalten das Ulreich einfach verdammt stark ist! So eine gute Nummer 2

  18. Hope Mane can play when we faced RB leipzig in DFL Supercup…he is the main character that can lead Bayern to win I think…no Mane,no goal

    1. @Abu-Omar Al-Bakr Right, so why does barcelona still exist? And please don’t like your own comment, thanks 😉

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