Bayern Munich ● Road to Victory — 2020

Bayern Munich have won every game in the Champions League this Season. They destroyed Barcelona, Chelsea and Tottenham in a big way. Lewandowski could break the record of most goals in a CL season for Bayern Munich

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How could Arsenal sell Gnabry
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79 thoughts on “Bayern Munich ● Road to Victory — 2020

  1. 7:56 could we take time to appreciate that recovery by Davies, he was metres off and there’s Davies doing what he does best defensively, and the opponent may have had an easy 1v1 otherwise. What a recovery!


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  3. Let’s not underestimate the genius of Arsene Wenger, not playing Gnabry so that he could sell him to Bayern, so that he can score 4 goals against Spurs and knock out Chelsea. What a genius! 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴

  4. All the teams Bayern faced on aggregate :

    Spurs : 10 — 3
    Red star : 9 — 0
    Olympiacos : 5 — 2
    Chelsea : 7 — 1

    Now for the single legs

    Barca : 8 — 2
    Lyon : 3 — 0
    Psg : 1 — 0

    Psg had the least goals conceded per game… Basically the best defense

    Bayern didn’t just win this UCL.. They absolutely steamrolled it!

  5. Bayern vs Tottenham 7:2
    Commentator: «The biggest european Defeat»
    Barca: Dont think so

    1. @04_ ARSYANDRA ARIEF MESYAPUTRA the record is Liverpool 8 — 0 Besiktas JK

    2. @Named Claiming no the Commentator said «their biggest European home defeat» listen carefully 🙄😏

    3. I think bayern listening the commentator and planning to make the bigger one

  6. No one’s talking about how Olympiacos surprisingly gave them a big challenge compared to all the other teams that were in the group

  7. How Hansi Flick didn’t win «Coach of the year» that season, is just baffling

  8. Fun fact:
    1st goal scored for Bayern in this year’s UCL — K. Coman
    Last goal scored for Bayern in this year’s UCL- K. Coman

    1. @Yamnaya Seed luckied their way past Juve with referee help, eliminated Bayern with referee help and won after Pool gifted them the title. Far from impressive. 2013/14 & 2016/17(except the Bayern tie, they received referee help!) were impressive.

    2. @إبراهيم محب الجمال البرية they lost several games

  9. Bayern Munich Scored a crazy 43 goals all together in this champions league. 2017 Real Madrid scored 32 All together. 2020 Bayern munich are incomparable!

  10. Opposing team: Scored
    Lewandowski and Gnabry: *Peace was never an option*

    1. @Darth Yodrus there are so many striker that frustrate me, bc they are offside 3-4 times a game.. getting into space, while staying on side is really hard

    2. @Vince damn right, getting off from opponents marking and offside line is technically a skill (or more like instinct)

    3. Ppl love to call him Tepindowski, but ever wondered why he is in tap in position so often?

    1. @typethorn fati aint even close now
      maybe in 5 years when he leeves barca to win a ucl trophy

  11. Perisić and Coutinho actually did some things!!! This team was unreal!!

    1. @slimi Those who have been watching Bayern for a long time knows how they work. They keep building up a team for 3 or 4 years until the team is fully lethal, then they start the hunt. This season they are nearly perfect , 1 sub for LB like Noah Katterbach or Luca Netz will complete it’s defence. In mid they need one more experienced play maker who can defend and orchestrate game play , they have already shown interest in De Jong last windows and it still surprises me why Casimiro wasn’t persued. In the attack all they need is a formal CF and Kane will fill that spot. So all together next near or by 2024 we can again see Bayern taking the crown and butchering teams.

    2. They had such good squad depth. They could bring Coutinho AND perisic off the bench which is frightening

  12. Lewandoski scored 15 imagine if there was a second leg he would’ve beaten Ronaldo’s record by soooo much 😱🔥

    1. Idk cuz Ronaldo did 17 goals in 11 games (plus 6 goals difference than matches) and Lewandowski did the same 15 goals in 9 games (counting final, 10 games) so 15 goals in 10 games.
      If Lewandowski had 2 more games, 2nd leg in quarters finals and semi final he could reach Ronaldo but, Ronaldo did the same thing scoring more than games +6 and in 11 consecutive games.

  13. 1. Lewandowski 15 goals
    2. Gnabry 9 goals
    3. Muller 4 goals
    4. Coman 3 goals
    4. Tolisso 3 goals
    4. Perisic 3 goals
    4. Coutinho 3 goals
    5. Kimmich 2 goals
    6. Goretzka 1 goal

    1. @ReyZak_ yep, just look through the top comments, only a few mention him.

    2. @karumbi dumbiwhat about Lewandowski? People are forgetting he’s the top scorer on that list and by far that is.

  14. Hansi Flick was amazing when coaching Bayern but what happened in this world cup?!!

  15. Just because Bayern are German its drawing lesser attention, it would have been a very different story is Real Madrid or PSG with Neymar won….what people forget is true football and Bayern simply did what they did best and clinches the title!!! Mia San Mia ❤️

    1. @Roe’s baby Roos you’re talking like Bayern are the only team to have good players that tournament

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