53 thoughts on “Bayern Munchen Goal Song (Crowd that Singing).mp3

    1. @tuntematon tuntemton They were not the second best team, they were the luckiest team in the world. Still 0 champions.

  1. Imagine the 8-2 Match with Barcelona was being played at alieaznz arena and this still the goal theme. Just the feeling man

    1. @The Notorious imagine this playing all times when messi destroyed pendu

    2. @The Notorious
      It doesnt really matter and i think its not neccessary to win treble as far as Madrid has 14 UCL,35 domestic titles,and more Club world cups than any team in the world.To be honest as a Madrid fan i respect Bayern and Barcelona.Barca just having a bad time.To me Bayern should have been second biggest club in Europe.Bayern lost many finals than any team.They should win atleast 8 by 2025 🙏

    3. @The Notorious
      Even a club like barca has 2 european trebles so what?

  2. This song reminds me of Thomas , Robery and Lewandowski.

    1. @ロニクシューレスサ Robbery is Ribery and Robben duo.


    1. @21_CHE_040 Kalyan Maity jajajjajajajajajjajajajajaj lewandoski is is the best football player in this momemt

    2. @21_CHE_040 Kalyan Maity haaland is good enough to be his student

  4. i listen this song after madrid’s comeback against city in the semifinal ucl. goosebump!

  5. Bayern is truly one of the superclubs of the world. Waw what a super club

  6. Imagine pulling up in München in 2013 just to hear this song 5 times in 30 minutes

  7. Arrepiaaanteee !
    Queria muito ir pra bavaria ver esse clube maravilhoso !

    1. @Tyfo Paralax We stay awake until 3 am just to watch our team play and then wake up at 7 to attend college, and we are plastics?

    1. @Fenerbahçeli2738 All these strikers I’ve mentioned above are better , Suarez and Lewandowski might probably be in the top 10 but the names I’ve mentioned are better than them .You must’ve started watching football 7 years ago I guess .

    2. @AmR dumbest ever you bro lewandowski is the best striker ever with Luis Suarez

    3. @Fenerbahçeli2738 what about Marco Van Basten , Ronaldo , Puskas , Muller , Batistuta, Romario , Henry , Eusebio then ?

    4. @AmR best striker ever dumbas this year golden shoe belongs to him 5goals in 9 minute just shut up

  8. I love Bayern Munchen and of course this song.

    1. @Chace did you ever try watching it, and by the way i you hate soc i mean football so mush why are you watching this video

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