Bayern München • Copy the Penalty Challenge • Müller vs. Lewandowski

Find out who the best @FC Bayern München penalty taker is
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It's time for a challenge, Bundesliga Fans!
Lewandowski vs. Müller. The task is easy: They have to take 5 penalties each against Sven Ulreich. Sounds doable. But there is a twist to it. They are not free to choose where they place the ball. Instead the likes of Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery and Xabi Alonso — and also fans all around the world — show them where they have to shoot.
What do you think? Which penalty was the best? Let us know in the comments.

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54 thoughts on “Bayern München • Copy the Penalty Challenge • Müller vs. Lewandowski

    1. Nice video. I like Müller… Looks like a cool person with a great tone of joke. Greetings from Brazil (I like jokes too, feel free to talk about 7-1 😂😂 ).

  1. Müller:»Cool that all our old teammates are here»!
    The next one: Hello I am Justin Gardiner from Houston, Texas!

  2. Bayern have a lot of class to bring back retired players on their media. Fair play to that.

    1. @Theo de Koff That is even better cause they are allowing a legend to come back on their channel.

  3. «Little did you know the penalty was sent from Zhang Yi» Muller is so funny

  4. Ulle you devil! 🤣 Muller is the friend everyone wants to have

    1. @Celestial Angel Well the only thing is cringe is your moronic comment.

    2. Doesn’t change the fact that he is as cringe as the bundesliga….

  5. It’s hilarious how they’re supporting each other even though they’re competing against each other. Proper striker’s union 😂😂👏

    1. @ou As in Neuer wouldn’t have been fooled by Lewandowski and Muller. He would have saved most of the shots.

  6. You guys really need to take this on the road!!! Pure Gold!!! Still laughing!!! Honestly, too funny!!! Best laugh in a few months!!! Thankyou so much for lifting my spirits!!! ❤️👍👏✌️MiaSanMia ❤️

  7. Tá aí jogadores cada vez mais raros, de muita técnica e pouca marra! Prêmio FIFA de 2020: Lewandowski, Messi e Muller!

    1. pjotrullo. What’s the difference between lewy name in English and in polish?

    2. @Elijah Edric Guinto True, I’m Polish and I can pronounce my name with no issues. I don’t really know how I do that though

    3. I can say his name the same lmao cause im from Poland and its normal for me

  8. This is the best thing I’ve watched all day and I love this video. It was difficult to keep up with the subtitles but worth it 😂😂😂

  9. Cuantas alegrías nos ha dado ese portero… Casi a la altura de Karius

    1. Yeah… But that’s not his technique… He is unbeatable with his technique

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