Bayern Challenge feat. Franck Ribéry & Arjen Robben | FC Bayern

It's time for two new candidates in the new Bayern challenge. Franck Ribéry and Arjen Robben will face the ultimate test and try to beat the records of Alphonso Davies, Robert Lewandowski and Niklas Süle! 😉

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FC live:

50 thoughts on “Bayern Challenge feat. Franck Ribéry & Arjen Robben | FC Bayern

  1. Ribéry is a living legend.
    Von der Kindheit an bis heute immer noch in Topform nicht normal der Typ hätte locker noch eine Saison bei den Bayern spielen können. Allein was er bei Florenz in der kurzen Zeit auf dem Platz schon gezeigt hat ist absoluter Wahnsinn !!! Und menschlich gesehen hat er auch noch das Herz am rechten Fleck. Einer meiner Lieblingsspieler seit der Ära Ronaldinho — Luís figo — Zidane …

    1. Now Ivan Perisic is the new Robben but with a little more hair

  2. Imagine these two regular dudes at a familiar meeting. You would never imagine they are top football players. Not even by chance

  3. As a 18-year Bayern fan, I really enjoy watching these two guys spending time together. I am going to watch their last game one more time.

    1. Omg ein deutscher Kommentar😂 warum sind hier so wenige von hier?😂

  4. This has got to be my favorite Bayern video, couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. Robbery!

  5. sin duda alguna esta dupla es lo mejor de lo mejor. me emocione con cada prueba que hacian hasta los animaba desde aqui xdxd se les va a extrañar mucho :C

  6. I love how they respect each other that brotherhood, love, care, relationship 😭💪💓

  7. Two cracks, two legends. I wish to see you making magic on the field again!

  8. Dois craques que tive a felicidade de ver jogar. Saudações rubro negras ⚫🔴⚫🔴 Ilha do Governador RJ 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  9. Sometimes you forget that footballers are actual human beings. Not just them, anyone famous like actors, models, youtubers, you just assume that they’re some form of higher being. These types of videos just reminds us that they’re humans too. Seeing them having fun is just somehow really satisfying and pleasing to watch.

    1. @Hoshyar jamal it doesn’t seem like he lacks self esteem, but after watching people through a screen for so long, it makes you feel like they’re completely different people.

    2. You lack some self-esteem.
      I never felt that way these type of people are just given some talent either through the environment or genetically they got it. Everyone has something that make them great but they are either suppressed or didnt manage to get wat they want.

  10. Ribery:We need to beat David
    Robben:You mean Davies

  11. Robben : hold my 🍻
    Ribery : hold my mineral water


    1. @Aditya Dharmawan he was being sarcastic bro and plus ribery is muslim

    2. Sex bebas : Wah Gila Enak 🤣
      Ngerokok : Wah Gila Enak 🤣
      Hina orang : Wah Gila Enak 🤣
      Minum Alkohol : Mau Mati Kapan lu 😡

    3. @dedy suryo ada masalah apa bro? Berat banget kayaknya. Chill

  12. Pensé que en Alemania no se divertían
    Son buenísimos, leyendas cracks

    1. Müller, but we can call “The Raumdeuter”, that means “Space Interpreter”. It’s very cool actually.

  13. This guys are so competitive in everything they do together, what a duo 🥵♥️

  14. -You also need to beat Arjen.
    -No. We quit together. We’re a duo.
    -Robbery, my friend.

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