7 Championships, 7 Beer Showers | Best of FC Bayern

A 7th consecutive Bundesliga title also means a 7th beer shower at FC Bayern. Let us know your favourite celebratory beer shower in the comments below!

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57 thoughts on “7 Championships, 7 Beer Showers | Best of FC Bayern

  1. Germany people: «Drink Beer first,than mineral water»

    1. Not true I am half German my dad is full German he doesn’t drink beer

  2. 4:19
    Fifa: Ribery Pace 60
    Fifa: Alaba’s Pace 95
    Ribery:Hold My Beer

    1. @Aaquib Tayyabi I am a Muslim and a Berber is a Muslim, and Islam is forbidden to beer, so I think this is logical

  3. 1:55 Pep wanted to splash Alonso back but the beer wasn’t there 😂

  4. What a nice feeling to smell like the beer. Many times I smelled like the beer, not after winning the championship, but at the house party. Still, what a celebration. 🍻

  5. Para nosotros los mexicanos este vídeo es muy doloroso. Ver tanta cerveza desperdiciada y no poder beber de ella.
    Me dueles Bayer Munich 🥺😭

  6. If that happened this year i know one person who wouldnt be caught….alphonso davies

    1. @Ciemnyżubr twoja stara 8 lat temu na sali aborcyjnej czy nie za późno okazało się że jednak za późno

    2. @Ciemnyżubr LOL He has the name LewanGOALski For a reason and, Lewangoalski is way better then you think, hes the best shooter. along side with assistmuller, assistmuller passes to lewangoalski and lewangoalski scores.

  7. For this very reason, I want Bayern Munich to become champion! 😂❤️

  8. How did Robben run that fast without spilling any of the beer? 😱

  9. Let’s be honest this is the best league winning celebration there ever will be

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