5 Goals in 9 Minutes – The Legendary Lewandowski Show | Bayern München vs. VfL Wolfsburg

22 September 2015: Robert Lewandowski makes Bundesliga history
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Bayern München welcomed VfL Wolfsburg to the Allianz Arena. The Wolves led 1-0 at the break — but then the Pole made his legendary appearance. In Robert Lewandowski's finest hour, the striker did something unimaginable by scoring 5 goals in 9 minutes as a substitute, a magical new Bundesliga record. In front of coach Pep Guardiola and the entire footballing world, Lewandowski set a new benchmark. The 5-1 win against Wolfsburg — a game for eternity. Will Lewandowski's record ever be broken? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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58 thoughts on “5 Goals in 9 Minutes – The Legendary Lewandowski Show | Bayern München vs. VfL Wolfsburg

  1. The fact that the greatest coach in history can’t believe what Lewandowski has done tells you how great of a moment it was

    1. @Calle do u think that barcelona team was the same before? Guardiola was the one who built the 2009 team. He bought Dani Alves, brought Busquets from Barcelona’s B team, and also the amazing tiki-taka, Guardiola took it from Cruyff and upgraded it

    2. Yeah nah, he ain’t the greatest coach in history. Keep dreaming

    3. @Jordan Atkin pep had a great team already and Jose and Ferguson made there own team big difference

    4. @Saad Lachhab pep always had superior squads. Switch teams and Fergie would dominate

    5. @Rafał Gelzok delusional. Fergie was always beating superior talented teams because he out coached the other teams. Pep always had superior talent. Fergie did not. 99 against Munich and barca he had no business getting out of the group stage let alone winning the champions league. That’s what being a manager is all about. Doing the best with what you’re given. If he had the squads Madrid and barca had he would’ve won the UCL every year

  2. I’m French, and yesterday it was the eights of the world cup, France was playing against Poland. I wasn’t calm until the chrono said 88′ as I knew we were playing against Lewandowski.

    And btw, I’ve met him in real life and he is really nice

    1. @Max Albon hes just old now. If it was back at his peak he wouldve scored atleast 1. But ye France is really strong rn

    1. @Howard Wolowitz co ty pierdolisz to jest zajebisty napastnik w jakim meczu Messi strzelił 5 bramek w 9 minut?

  3. He deserves a Ballon d’or such a gem talented player he is 👑

  4. «And it’s in the back of the net for Robert Lewandowski, because that is what Robert Lewandowski does for a living.» is just kind of funny

  5. The fifth goal(@ 3:11) + background music= perfect combination 😍

  6. «I’ve never scored 5 goals in 10 minutes before»

    Robert, nobody has

    1. @Akshai kumar yo where did you messi go in bayern 8-2 barca 😂😂😂 aint seeing him scoring 5 goals for the team

    2. Robert: Nobody has but somehow someone scored 5 goals in 9 minutes

    3. The man was so much on fire that evening , I wouldn’t be surprised to see him scoring a 6th without touching the ball at all 🤣

  7. This will go down as one of the most legendary commentaries ever 😂😂😂

  8. Lewandowski: «I have never scored 5 goals in 9 minutes»

    No one ever has either.

  9. Wpadam tu czasem i oglądam ten wyczyn pod dobrą łychę i zawsze mam te same ciary na plecach, to się nie znudzi , Brawo Lewy tak to się właśnie robi !!!

    1. Prawda. Najlepszy film na depresyjne dni! morda się sama cieszy😁 angielski komentarz świetny, bo Hajto jak to komentował na żywo to miał entuzjazm jak na grzybobraniu…

  10. «I don’t know how many offers of marriage Robert Lewandawski is going to have»😂😂
    That was good😂

  11. Cieszmy się ze możemy żyć w czasach tak świetnego piłkarza, duma rozpiera, powodzenia w Barcelonie Robert ❤️

  12. «You just cannot be that good» one of the most legendary lines in Bundesliga history…

    1. Followed by: «every time caliguri scored a goal, they won»

      (At which levandoswki proceeds to humiliate them)

    2. @sidari on crack That’s right !!! I’d say make that *FOOTBALL !!!* And forget once and for good that stupid Yankee word *soccer* Lol…

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