19 Year Old Alphonso Davies is PHENOMENAL! 2019/20

19 Year Old Alphonso Davies is PHENOMENAL! 2019/20

82 thoughts on “19 Year Old Alphonso Davies is PHENOMENAL! 2019/20

  1. I played against Alphonso in my youth when he was still in Edmonton. Man was maddd fast, could never catch up once he started running. Our best defensive strategy was just to make sure he never got the ball 😂

    1. Yes he is one big tall thin guy. Once he get the ball as winger. His speed just wipe out the defenders, when defenders cant catch him with the speed he is going and so then he can easily score, when he was just so fricking fast, that he didnt need to deal with the defenders.😂

    2. @patrick kangavve
      Like how these others mad, that you cant play with some certain player, when I aint mad that I never get to play with Messi, when he obviously would rekt me, but why others jealous of some kids that got to play against him in football game, like why you need that so much?

  2. I’m more impressed by his defensive skills, never seen a bayern player gets the ball from the opponents as clean and fast as him ( knowing that he’s originally a winger, and only this season started playing as a left back )
    I hope injures don’t get him like they got Coman and Alaba..

    1. @Sali Salafisti Lahm Was great player, but not as fast, strong and Davies’ tackling and timing for tackilngs (even now in his young age) is much better. Lahm was a different kind of beast

    2. @Sali Salafisti Lahm Was great player, but not as fast, strong and Davies’ tackling and timing for tackilngs (even now in his young age) is much better. Lahm was a different kind of beast

    3. fast and strong and smart players like him are the best defenders as well as good attackers if i was a menager this guy would be my top choice

  3. Outclassed the whole Chelsea defence and had Mount in his pocket and he doesn’t even play on his natural position.

    1. @FcBayernFan 108 he can also play cam and cm. I got to watch him in vancouver

    2. He got his natural position left back that is why he is successful

    3. Its like he sometimes becomes winger, when he really needs to run, but, when the opponent got the ball. He rather become left back, like he is ready to make some easy clear from the opponent attempt and, if the opponent try run. He can just outpass the opponent attack run speed. Its like he is really fast football player, but then as fast player you dont always know what to do with the ball, when so many options to do, while so less time to think about, so maybe he just think about the best ways to get through the defenders to score and so thats what he does then, when he gets a lot of options to do with the ball.

    1. @Alloooshoviḉ I think Coman who’s played with both would know better than you 😂

    2. @Trueno AE86
      Nah..coman is wrong..
      Mbappe will beat any player on the planet in any race..

    3. @Hamza Kab-1406 Davies ran 37.1 km/h vs Canada which is faster than any Bundesliga speed in history

  4. Imagine Wolverhamptom would play vs Bayern.That would mean a matchup between Adama and Davies.

    1. @V for Vendetta Adama has nothing that Davies doesn’t have besides more muscle and similar pace. Davies is better in literally every other aspect. Dribbling, defending, passing, vision, shooting, reading of the game etc

    2. Ron Wright You haven’t seen Davies’s body, he’s pretty buff, he wouldn’t be easily shrugged off.

    3. @Daniel Blom the irony they meet tomorrow in the quarterfinals and messi is again slightly injured after napoli. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Bayern boss says messi would be in Davies pocket…

  5. His initials are AD for a reason. Attack Defense. He can do both.

    1. Barayan Diyusep guess Alabas initials are DA for a reason as well.

    2. Yes he can make great clears and then just run as fast, that opponent defenders cant make any clears on him.

    1. @Rick Robles bayern won it,Alphonso has being nowhere as good as he was last season.

  6. If he keeps this is up he will go as one of the best wing backs of all time….

    1. @Anthony Conte oh wow haha I take back my words! Canada is doing good! So much young talents

    2. He wouldn’t achieve internationally tho. Canada is a weak team with no players with his calibre. Hell, chances of him playing in world cup is low too.

    3. he needs like a solid 5 years more at the top i think then we can start talking about GOAT

  7. Speed, stamina, great marking abilities, dribling skills, good pass and tactical awareness.

    Yes, he’s all it takes to be considered a phenomenon.

  8. Next year, Bayern’s left side is just going to destroy everyone: Phonzie and Sane..

    1. Bayern’s wing force is just stupid they have sane Davies and coman and lewondoski up top

  9. His running style is so beautiful to watch. Light footedness, superior ball controll, acceleration up ‘n trough the gears. Rarely you see someone so complete.

  10. I saw Davies play live when he was 15 in MLS, outrunning and manhandling grown men easily. I knew he was going to be special then

    1. @Alex Gris bruh my comment was at least a year+ now Canada is a team to look out it’ll be the Belgium of Americas in no time

    2. @Sean Khieotue-In Jonathan David isn’t a world class player?LMAO

    3. @A T soccer/football in Canada is pretty much the most affordable sport… Yes at the higher levels academies are expensive, but for talents like Davies the club will cover it. He’s from a poor immigrant family, far from some spoiled rich kid.

  11. its unbelievable how good he is at defending already, he is so good in putting his body between player and ball and tackling.

    His only «weakness» is his passing in pressing situations, but thats why he is at bayern munich, with players like thiago, alaba, … who mastered this he can improve quickly

    1. Yeah he’s improved a lot he’s good under pressure now was shaky before though

    2. its easy to teach skills for me but the timing getting the ball of players is not easy to pass on to young players that i coach

    3. You are right alot of time in pressing situation he takes heavy first touch and lose the ball. But after winter break he have practiced a lot and he have improved a lot.

    4. @jakiiz jambeze i watch every bayern game, so i know what im talking bout.

  12. A young Ghanaian Canadian making moves in Europe!! Love to see him play well!!

    1. @Rasak Namthang just look at the way he are the way he talk and he are clearly a canadian not an african

    2. @Robert Eshun very very stupid, this guy is just pissing me off

  13. To all those who state that he should play on his natural position as LW …

    The best leftbacks are those who can sprint down the line to start the attack while also being fast enough to recover when the team looses the ball while attacking.
    Being almost twice as fast as his opponents is a huge advantage for Davies on this position … that´s why Flick stated he is a life saver as a leftback.

    Very fast + great defensive skills + technique + intelligence + great shooting technique + accuracy + discipline = Alphonso Davies
    Using him as a left winger would just be a wasted on so many of his other skills

    1. @Self deprecating prick 101 Leftback is much more harder to get than Left Wing but seeing as Bayern still have Alaba… Their tactical option expands. Its doesn’t matter actually but I would let him play LB. Its easier to get into teams being a LB than LW. And really? You think him playing LB make the opponent have less difficult games? Him at LB can make an overload compared to him playing LW. With him at LW, Bayern would attack with 4-5 people.. if he is LB, Bayern attack would get to 6-7 people (If the RB is good attacker too.) You never watch any Pep’s team? He loved fullbacks so much and he dominated every league he went in with fullbacks.

    2. Self deprecating prick 101 Not when they get sane from Man City. Davies and sane on the left could be the new Marcelo ronaldo but not as good

    3. T Onizuka that’s stupid why would Bayern make their opponents have a less difficult game? They are obviously are planing to put him in lw because he will be more deadly and damaging to the opposition use your common sense

  14. He’s like Coman and Alaba rolled into one. Rapid, amazing dribbling and clean tackles time after time

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