Leverkusen vs. Borussia Dortmund I 4-3 I Can’s Debut Wonder Goal & Bayer’s Great Comeback

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Bayer Leverkusen against Borussia Dortmund is breathtaking, attacking football at the highest level. Plus gripping drama. Seven goals, changes of lead and, in the end, surprising yet not undeserved winners. Emre Can makes his debut for the Black and Yellows and scores an absolute wonder goal. This match has everything a football fan could desire. Which goal did you like best and what do you think can Bayer Leverkusen achieve this season? Let us know in the comments.

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36 thoughts on “Leverkusen vs. Borussia Dortmund I 4-3 I Can’s Debut Wonder Goal & Bayer’s Great Comeback

    1. @Ga Wa how is it over the top for a game of this magnitude? 4-3 scoreline bro

    2. This guy inspired me to be a commentator for the Bundesliga one day

  1. 2:35 this little pass from Sancho is gorgeous, pure class. This is how football is supposed to be played like. Zidane’s material right there

  2. Am a big fan of Leverkusen FC,keep your hard work on you all will definitely win the Bundesliga one day.

  3. I’d love to see a team that combines Dortmund’s attacking players with Mönchengladbach’s back line.

  4. Hopefully Haaland, similarly to Lewandowski found the team he’ll sturggle against the most in the Bundesliga.

    1. @Rahel Ndalahwa Because Bayer Leverkusen would’ve earned it.

    2. Yeah, Bayer Leverkusen are basically the Bundesligas Rehab Center for strikers.

  5. I’m a big fan of the Bundesliga and I’m pro-fan, I would rather see BVB win the Bundesliga than see Bayern win another or RB win a first. However, as a Bayer fan, this was so so sweet. Gives me hope for next season were I feel like we can actually win the League.

  6. The Premier League YouTube channel can learn a lot from the Bundesliga’s YouTube channel.

    1. @Andrija Štimac Yeah but Bundesliga posts analysis and other stuff, 442oons stuff, and their highlights are good.

    2. @Andrija Štimac Fair point. That’s where SuperSport edges all of them both on quickness of uploads and quality with their UCL highlights. But since we aren’t talking about that, I strongly feel this YouTube Channel is right up there with how satisfying its highlights are.

    3. Why? Bundesliga takes a week to upload and then copyright all other channels tha post highlights. Premier league just works with other channels and you can easily find highlits on youtube

  7. Glad to see my Caribbean brother Bailey showing his immense prowess

  8. Joachim Loew are you watching 👀? How on GOD’S earth is Kevin Volland not playing for Germany is absolutely beyond me. Im a big fan of Volland and i absolutely believe he deserves a call up.

  9. When you realize that Haaland did not scored in his last game 😐😑😯

    1. Leverkusens signature move, not letting the most dangerous players of the major clubs on the field score. First with Lewandowski and now with Haarland. We’ve learned our lessons from that 7-1 defeat at the Camp Nou, but we still need to work on the other players on the field.

  10. 3 dortmund goal are incredible, especially the third, what an amazing teamwork

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