Kevin-Prince Boateng vs Bayer Leverkusen 31/8/2013

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Schalke 04 vs Bayer Leverkusen: Kevin-Prince Boateng vs Bayer Leverkusen — Debut Match — First Match


20 thoughts on “Kevin-Prince Boateng vs Bayer Leverkusen 31/8/2013

  1. Kevin Prince Boateng is my favorite player of all time, he is a perfect midfielder, I am not kidding I would pick him in my dream team over Messi all day long! Not saying Messi is bad, not at all. But Boateng is such an idol to the rest of us! Great player, needless to say 😀

  2. A player without technique. A player which is not needed in the modern football.

  3. what are you talking about? Boa was the one preferring to play as a CAM or winger instead of deeper in the midfield. In Schalke, they are even using him as a center-forward.

  4. das die karriere von Boateng am ende ist sieht man daran das er nach Schalke gegangen ist.

  5. goodbye well miss u in milan i know u will destroy in schalke with huntelaar (arsenal,PSG,milan fan)

  6. i’m huppy that he leave milan. boateng of 2010 is dead. this boateng can’t do anything more. but i wich him good luck

  7. no technique … did you saw his goal against barca in the CL ?
    well i think you dont know anything about football
    oh btw he has more technique than you anyways xDDD

  8. Always liked boateng, ever since his move to milan. But Allegri is simply not a good coach and the reason why boa left. After playing out of position for 2 years Boa finally plays at his preferable position, a position that suits his character, the midfield! Guess he made the right choice. Although I would love him to stay. Either way I wish him the best luck at schalke! But I dont understand why he has number nine tho, lol.

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