BREAKING: Chelsea Agree Kai Havertz RECORD Transfer With Bayer Leverkusen!!! HERE WE GO!

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BREAKING: Chelsea Agree Kai Havertz RECORD Transfer With Bayer Leverkusen!!! HERE WE GO!

In today’s Chelsea News Video,

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The future is bright for CFC.

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48 thoughts on “BREAKING: Chelsea Agree Kai Havertz RECORD Transfer With Bayer Leverkusen!!! HERE WE GO!


  2. And just like that Chelsea have signed ANOTHER glactico

    Credit to marina cech and lamps

    1. @Mike Royce Marina and Lampard are playing 4D chess with the transfer market

    2. Can anyone remember the disappointment of the January transfer window when we bought no-one.

  3. The best intro I’ve ever seen. So excited for what the upcoming season has to offer after the Kai signing.

  4. Exciting times to be a Chelsea fan.

    Just imagine if we save transfer fee on Thiago Silva and then go all in for oblak( best goalkeeper in the world)
    What a statement that would be.😍😍

    1. I think we might hold out till next season for Oblak & giminez as will take a couple of windows to sell the players we want to sell.

  5. What we are about to witness at Chelsea this coming season is just spectacular. Quality striker, quality providers in the midfield and an improved defense. Given the possession based football under Frank, Chelsea has the potential to be a devastating side in the premier league.

    Coming to the weaknesses, I think we will struggle to deal with counter attacks and set pieces still. Unless we sign a good aerial and pacey centre back and an instinctive goal keeper.

    I also feel there’s one gamble Lampard needs to try in his defense.
    Play Azpiliquetta as a CB with Thiago (if he signs for us) then allow Reece James to play as RB and Chilwell as a LB. This might work for us. Azpi is good in the air and he us quick. Thiago Silver is not as quick, so they can compliment each other.

    1. Nope azpi in a back two will be painfully exposed at set pieces. Unless we play a back 3 in some games it won’t make sense.

  6. We just robbed Bayern Munich for their replacement for Lewondoski (Werner) and Muller(Havertz)😂😂
    Great time to be a CHELSEA fan

    1. Who wants werner? Bayern not. Has werner ever made a goal by his head? I think, he’ll be another G. Jesus. Good, but nothing more. And havertz did not sign anything as of today.

      But yes. A much better time to be a chelsea fan than some weeks ago 🙂

    2. All Chelsea fans hate Bayern fans and they hate our guts in the future years this will be one of the biggest rivalries

    3. Raiden Kalisz Thiago Silva is old and Neuer is not replaceable

    4. It’s still not completed see Leverkusen sporting director’s reaction on this news he dismissed this rumor by just sayin it is nonsense

  7. That intro was epic Yan, it had me LOL and it was exactly how I felt when I read the news! Chelsea took Bayer’s deadline and valuation serious which is why this will work out. Great job for Chelsea to respect Bayer’s demands/expectations, as Bayer is losing in Kai the soul of their club. Big congrats to all the Chelsea world. On to the next transfer! Rice?
    Oh, big day in another way too as BC’s medical result was to determine if Chelsea pursue the transfer or if it blocks it as it’s reported he could be out longer than 6 weeks. If Chilwell’s heel is going to cause long term trouble, Chelsea will probably have to pull out of the deal and find another LB.
    Hoping for positive news for BC.

  8. That’s how every chelsea fan is acting in that intro😂love that dancing

    1. @Pukhato Zhimo yup because the glazers wont sign anyone they’re so jealous lol

    2. @Safia Adnan Man Utd fans must be fuming now. In almost every twitter post about Chelsea, hoards of them come there and act very salty. 😀😀

  9. What a time to be a chelsea fan. I started watching football 2 years ago and started supporting Chelsea. I am soo happy with all these signings.

  10. 1. Great intro Yan love your vids
    2. What an absolute great signing I mean it’s such a BIG statement signing. Can’t wait for Chelsea’s announcement videos (if they actually do one)

  11. Quite possibly the best intro I’ve ever seen 🤣 Absolute feels tho so buzzing with this signing and hopefully Silva to come next! Project looking 🔥

  12. This has brightened my day. That intro >>>>>>
    Kai Havertz incoming let’s goooooo !!! Also, Yan we love you.

  13. Simply genius Yan. I would love if you gave us more original intros like that. Especially when new signings are done.

  14. Havertz deal In pounds: £72million with £18million in bonuses if he does well or something.

    This summer: part 1 get a winger to replace Willian and Pedro (Ziyech) — complete. Part 2 get an elite striker to score a lot of goals (werner) — complete. Part 3 get an elite CAM (Havertz) to feed lots of chances to our striker — complete. Part 4 get an actual LB to stop RW destroying us on the left (Chilwell) — almost complete. Part 5 get an actual good CB to command our defence and to stop shipping in sooo many goals (Thiago Silva) — 75% could happen might not though. Part 6 get a goalie to stop goals!! (Onana) — incomplete.
    Edit: part 7 win everything!!!🔵🔵🔵

    1. @bluefire Thor Last season he started having smaller issues, this year it became more prominent. Whatever you call him, we cant fully trust Kante like before. We need good backups.

    2. @Frank Reynolds
      The only season kante had issues was this past one. It does not make him injury prone suddenly.

    3. @James Trainor
      True. But stil not the top level we need to reach the pinnacle.

  15. I hope he set EPL on 🔥🔥🔥 alongside Werner,ziyech,pulisic and many more💙💙💙

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