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The Eurofan is back for the Champions League knockout stages! This time he’s in Leverkusen to watch Bayer Leverkusen v PSG, but are Bayer a match for the French giants? Subscribe to Copa90

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Copa90 is the football channel that knows there is no final whistle. Pitch, laptop, or console, the game never stops. So after you’ve scored a golazo, watched the big match, or smashed someone at Fifa14, head to Copa90 and check out the Eurofan, Comments Below, FifaPlaya and KSI’s Uni Beast.

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21 thoughts on “Bayer Leverkusen v PSG | Eurofan Change The Game

  1. 11:19 Such a cool moment. Makes me love this show even more 🙂

  2. Great that you gave the lad a ticket, he looked over the moon

  3. I’d love to travel Europe watching Champions League! Fantastic experience!

  4. Hey Eurofan! You should watch the Chelsea vs Galatasaray 2nd match where Drogba will be coming to Stamford bridge which will very exciting to see(and emotional)! Like if you agree

  5. I really love this show.  The show allows me, as an Asian who never had a chance to watch European football in the real stadium, to explore the fans’ culture and the passions of the supporters.  It really makes me feel proud to be a football fan.  Keep up the good work, Deacon!

  6. You should do this «challange» in every episode 🙂 regards from Germany!

  7. its good that HTC aren’t bothered about LG’s sponsorship of Leverkusen.  Could have been weird

  8. haha you really made that guy happy with the ticket, fair play to you buddy!

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