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BAYER LEVERKUSEN SMASH RANGERS AT IBROX… Rangers 1-3 Bayer Leverkusen goals and highlights included in this Europa League match. CRAZY GAME! #UEL #rangers #rangersfc



    1. @Callum Smith You ever heard of Boca juniors v River plate? The old firm games have lost the atmosphere they used to have. Cutting the tickets for away fans wasn’t a good move.

    2. @Callum Smith He needs a time machine for an old firm.
      It’s a Glasgow derby these days.

    3. Thogden please got to an old firm at ibrox the atmosphere is unbeatable and you’re vlogs are unreal…. amazing vlog?!?!?!?!

  1. As a German i must say the scottish Football Fans have a better atmosphere as the Premier League fans

    1. As a Newcastle fan I agree, we’ve been quite since the appointment of Steve Bruce

    2. I think the premier league is a bit overrated. Its high quality football but some of the teams atmospheres are lacklustre.

  2. I was only able to watch the first half and Kai Havertz played very well and was way ahead of everyone else on the field. I’m glad I got to see him play one more time this season.

  3. Sometimes I forgot that Havertz is only 20. Dude is the captain of the team and a very calm, mature player. Sadly this season is high likely would be his last season with Leverkusen. Hopefully he can give his best for Leverkusen in their remaining games.

  4. Brilliant vlog Theo! Rangers have had an exciting Europa League campaign so far. I watched it on TV and the atmosphere looked electric. It must have been amazing inside the ground. Bayer Leverkusen played well on the counterattack, their third goal was the pick of the bunch. The bagpipe player was really cool too. 🙂

  5. I always like it when he films the other team’s fans’ celebrations when their team gets a goal 😀

    1. Yeah like he films the away fans when they all jump up and cheer when they score. Its awesome.

  6. Respect to Leverkusen,the best team won. But one of their players alone cost 30 million our entire team cost about 12 million. We did incredibly well to get to last 16, after starting in the first qualifying round. WATP .Bring on season 20-21.

  7. Great vlog as always, gutted about the result, but to be honest, it was expected. Bayer Leverkusen are a Champions League side and gave Juventus one hell of a game, the fact they beat Bayern, Dortmund and even Frankfurt should say everything there is to know.

    As for Gerrard, nah, I don’t agree with those saying he should be booted out, no chance, I think Gerrard has shown he’s taken us far and will only continue to improve this squad, look at how he brought us Hagi and the fact we reached the last 16 should speak volumes for itself. Some fans forget just how far we’ve come under Gerrard and only because of the second half of this season, I don’t feel it’s a fair reflection of how this season has gone and we lost that league cup final undeservedly. I think Gerrard can really bolster our squad in the summer transfer window.

  8. Good video Theo💙 You summed it up pretty well, Rangers gave it a good shot but Leverkusens talent was just too much, I’m a little bit gutted about the third goal as 2-1 would have gave us something to play for.It’s been a good run in Europe for Rangers and we’ve surprised a few on the way.I would give Gerrard an other season, I don’t see what good bringing in a new manager to try and stop 10 in a row would do.I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the Scottish games and again you’re always welcomed to Ibrox🇬🇧🔴⚪🔵

    1. Leverkusen’s pacey wingers are one of the best in the Bundesliga: Diaby, Bellarabi, Bailey, also Volland (when Bosz put him as a winger). I noticed that Bellarabi, Diaby, and Bailey were slowing down their running (probably because of the field condition). Diaby is usually very fast. Overall, agreed with you about the result. Leverkusen is also currently in their good form.

  9. «That has been an even game» 😀 WTF did you see the first half, man!? Ok, if 20% ballcontrol for the HOMEteam is «even» then you are right 😀

    1. Ku lt for playing against a team who spent 100 million and have great players rangers defended well and Leverkusen hardly had any chances

  10. I love your passion for the club and your humorous personality which is a great antidote to how much of the media attempt to strereotype the support.

  11. Top quality vlog as always Theo and brilliant see to Josh back on your channel and I’m already subs to his channel 👍

  12. A few years back I went to a spurs vs leverkusen game and although we lost 1 nil I loved their chants and created a nice atmosphere as much I am a strong spurs fan I enjoyed listening to the away fans chants

  13. Always love seeing Rangers get thrashed, however they made it further than us this year so fair play. Leverkusen are a different class above anything Scotland can offer. Havertz slotted that penalty away as if he was playing in front of an empty crowd! Coolness personified 😎🍀

  14. I was in Inverness during this match (I was there for a family vacation, as us German-American families enjoy), I am a Leverkusen supporter, and my dad and I found a pub where we could have watched this game, but ultimately decided not to go there for the same reasons that we didn’t go to Glasgow to watch Stevie G and Crew try to hold back the inevitable Bayer win. Real shame, the place where we were staying at did not have the proper channels (from my limited knowledge of British Tele-Broadcasting) to watch this match.

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