50 thoughts on “Amine Adli ● Welcome to Bayer Leverkusen 🔴 BEST Skills, Goals & Assists

  1. Fast, smart, deadly finisher. We have never replaced Kaká all these years. Maybe this is the time!

  2. He seems more developed than for example coman was at this age. I think bayern should sign him.

  3. Wherever he goes hopefully he goes to a team which plays him and the coach trusts him
    Be it marseille or Milan
    Cuz he is a great talent

  4. Moroccan young talented player we can’t wait to see u in Ac Milano and the national team 🇲🇦 ✔️

    1. Looks like Bayern is Interested too because Coman is getting too greedy and wants 20 mil a year for being injured most of the time

    2. @Otmane yes good choice for him.
      With Muisala playing like a god right now his chances for minutes would have been very low

    3. TheMonsterHunterTV he signed already in Bayern Levrkusen for 5 years he want to get more minutes playing which’s hard to have in Bayern munich i think he did a good choice

    4. LKINGO YT there’s something called Wikipedia go there and look dumb

  5. Genuinely gives me Mbappe vibes, they are so similar (not saying that he’s that good, just the way he moves)

    1. @DiTech you’re a Milan fan that needs to comprehend English better.

    2. I am a milan fan but bro what are you saying ? Mbappe at his age was destroying big teams in ucl

    3. Yes but in my opinion they are very different in speed, that is Mbappe superpower.

    4. @DiTech Not all players have the luck to play for a CL-Club a t the age of 18.
      This Boy Could become a Monster if He is coached right and has good teammates

  6. A good replacement for the legend Castillejo
    Thanks for the video.

    1. @LMG Wesley Amine Adli?? Noo he have just two citizenships: France and Morocco.

  7. Most impressed by his passing, incredible accuracy and weight.

    1. @Mohamed el-mourabiti shout out to Zakaria aboukhlal playing in toulouse right now, very technical and classy

    2. @Zadig The Jasp has now been approved to join Moroccan National Team

    3. @Zadig The Jasp Same as belhanda, el arabi, amine harit… Just keep providing us with talent, apreciate it.

    4. he is french and has already played with french youths in national team

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