Timo Werner scores big for RB Leipzig against FC Augsburg | 2020 Bundesliga Highlights

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Timo Werner of Red Bull Leipzig dominates the match with an early goal in the first half and a second to bring home the win at Augsburg during his final Bundesliga game.

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50 thoughts on “Timo Werner scores big for RB Leipzig against FC Augsburg | 2020 Bundesliga Highlights

    1. The sign of a great striker with great pace. But doesn’t suited to play wide.

  1. Where’s all the Chelsea fan that come here just to watch Werner scoring double 🤩

    1. ddd mmm r u depressed or something? if yes i think you should seek help. i know it’s hard for you to get attention but hopefully you’ll find a way 💪🏻 being toxic isn’t healthy

    1. Heard he scored some goals, had to see what’s up…I really hopes he delivers man, Morata, falcao, huiguin, strikers be giving us problems after all the hype. Either way, blue forever.

  2. Just wow @ that second goal by Werner! Three touches and I can’t believe any of them, the man is super human. Good luck @ Chelsea, not that you need it…

  3. 3:23 ayeeee Tyler put 💯% into that tackle!!🇺🇸 he’s a freaking beast!!

  4. In this game you can clearly see how exhausted the players must be by now. It has been a long season. I hope they all get a good rest and stay healthy.

    1. @Kurt Olat there won’t be a mandatory extension, but Werner won’t be allowed to play for Chelsea’s 2nd leg Champions League game against Bayern Munich

    2. @jwzblood Next season , which might be just in 4 months if we secure ourselves CL spot in PL.

  5. for those haters saying timo dont score after chelsea approachment 👀

  6. Sad to see werner leave but glad he’s going to Chelsea. Way better than going to Bayern

  7. 50 mil for Werner is a steal. That guy’s gonna worth 200 mil next year.

  8. Timo Werner just reminds me of prime Andriy Shevchenko with that speed, positioning, and finishing. What a talent.

    1. @kirito sgaa by PRIME Sheva I mean Scudetto, 2x CL, and Ballon d’Or Sheva. Chelsea Sheva was pass his prime.

    2. Chelsea shevchenko= chelsea old player
      Chelsea timo = chelsea young player

    3. @David Tan Yoeng Kang agree, seemed like Chelsea did not sincerely need him either.

    4. Wikan Widhiary Bagaskoro don’t mention shevchenko. He flopped when he joined Chelsea.

  9. Clubs like these are becoming giants but their best players are being taken, same thing happened to Ajax last year with de jong and de ligt

    1. No egoistic Coach here unlike the premier league guys- genuine VAR usage. From a Chelsea fan who feels VAR let down his club on multiple occasions this season in particular against Manu — kudos to Bundesliga coaches

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