Ricardo Pepi — Welcome to FC Augsburg! 2021 Crazy Skills/Goals/Assists

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Ricardo Pepi — Welcome to FC Augsburg! 2021 Crazy Skills/Goals/Assists

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  1. I was a pepi non believer at first.. but when I really started watching I saw that the talent is undeniable. It’s like all goals are what he meant to do. If you watch closely there are no «lucky» strikes. For a kid this young, great in run of play and that sees the game as a pure striker…really impressive 👏

    1. From a neutral point of view, this kid got great potential. Only if he can get the right coach who can give him that boost. Currently, his first touches and movements of the ball are a bit clumsy and heavy — needs improvement on that particularly

  2. Eye on the ball, head down, follow through…. Very clean and controlled on his follow through even when giving it a tap or a short wind up. Impressive!

  3. I knew we needed a striker and right defender in the winter transfer period. I didn`t actually have him on the list. Now after reviewing his skills I have to say I am very impressed, what a great talented young player! Just knowing we beat Wolfsburg and Munich who also wanted to have him makes me very proud! So there is just one thing to say: WELCOME RICARDO — NUR DER FCA !!!

    1. They have Niederlechner (big and strong but doesn’t work), Cordova (more a back up striker cause he isn’t rly on Bundesliga level), Finnbogason (you may know him, club legend and played well for Iceland in the WC 2018 and the Euros 2016, but he is very old now and always injured) and Zeqiri who seems very good and fresh, but I think he is only on loan from Brighton and Pepi seems like a big prospect.
      Sorry for the long answer haha

    2. Pepi wants to play, he was never going to bayern, since he didn’t want to be in the reserves.

    3. I thought that Ausburg had several forwards. What happened to the forwards they have? Sorry for the ignorance, I’m not a big fan of the Bundesliga.

  4. Eye on the ball, head down, follow through…. Very clean and controlled on his follow through even when giving it a tap or a short wind up. Impressive!

  5. Glad to see a Pasoan finally make it to the Big Leagues! Congrats Pepi on your success and keep thriving!

    1. There’s talent all over Texas …. Now it’s time for the takeover

  6. Interesting Transfer for the Bundesliga. I hope he plays a good Role in Augsburg, would help the Team a lot. I am pretty excited.
    Nur der FCA❤💚🤍

    1. do you guys use instagram actually want to ask something

  7. kid has some decent technical ability. i hope he can develop tremendously at augsburg and i hope it’s the right club that can help him. choosing the right club is important for young players development. though it’s a good choice to move to a smaller club ahead the likes of bayern because it will be easier for him to break into the first team

    1. Bayern was interested tu get Pepi for the second team. He needs minutes in the first team.

  8. I really hope he comes to Wolfsburg. Since one of our main striker talents Lukas Nmecha is injured, Pepi would get play time, and hopefully perform well!!🐺💚

    1. @Lasseboss i am so fucking happy. but a littlebit feard that he will not be worth 15 million too

    2. @Leon Herrmann Congrats on getting him! I really hope he bangs some goals for you.

  9. Dallas was very poor this season and didn’t give pepi much to work with Wolfsburg has had issues but create loads of chances I have high hopes about this transfer

  10. He looks talented but 18 Mil for a MLS Player sounds way too much. He looks quit good on the Ball but he´ll definitly wont get these spaces in the BL.

  11. Welcome to Augsburg and official ! The transfer fee was 16 millions.

  12. As a Dallas fan I’m sad that he’s going to get snatched up but happy that another young American can play in Europe and grow

    1. @Siki Cem he is good that the owner didn’t want him to leave but the higher transfer was just too good which is another thing, 20 million is a lot for an 18 year old.

    2. And as a MLS fan and USNNT fan. THANK YOU FC DALLAS…. for call you have done to improve the USNNT

  13. Dont know How he would perform in Germany, but could be a big Player for us

    1. @Beastmode Jr.

      I am an American fan of Celtic FC. Selfishly, I was hoping that my club would make a transfer more on either Pepi or Daryl Dike. I knew that was unlikely, given their value on the open market. Also, our manager has worked and succeeded in the J-League and is partial to Japanese players.

      Nevertheless, I agree that he (Pepi) needs development — both in terms of his footballing proficiency and his physical strength and conditioning. I am an admirer of Jurgen Klinsmann. He has always encouraged promising young players to move to Europe and play against high level competition.

      In Pepi’s case, he felt that he needed another year at Dallas FC. He simply needs the time for physical and emotional maturity. I just don’t want him to find himself in the same situation as Josh Sargent. That guy is in an awful position.

    2. @Kent Grady I’d hope they coach him up for half a year & give him some playing time in the Bundesliga and most likely in their reserve team which is playing in the german fourth division. What he really needs is to build up on some muscle from what I’ve seen. His instincts are natural which is great to see.

      Just hope he doesn’t get thrown out there like Joe Scally this season, another American in the Bundesliga who gets a lot of praise for his debut season at only 18 years old, but after seeing every game he’s played I wish he would’ve gotten more time to adjust.

    3. There will be a period of adjustment. New club, better league, new language, uncertainty about family support system in Germany. He’s quite close to his parents. Are they coming along? Das weiß Ich nicht.

      I do know that you are getting a player with unbelievable potential. He is technically skilled, quick, and works hard. He also has a talent which cannot be coached or developed — he is a natural goal scorer. He looks at the opposition’s six yard box and considers it his property.

      I am one of those who felt he should have either stayed in Dallas one more year, or played in a smaller European league — Scotland, Holland, Belgium, or maybe Turkey — before taking on one of the «Big Five». But, now that it appears that he is bound for Germany, I wish him nothing but happiness, long solo runs, and empty goal mouths.

  14. I hope he settles in quickly, I think he will be a good addition to the team. FCA forever ⚽

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