FC Augsburg vs. Borussia Dortmund I 3-5 I Haaland Hat-Trick Leads BVB to Sensational Comeback

Sensational debut for Haaland in 8-goal spectacle
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Eight goals. One of the most spectacular Bundesliga debuts. And a comeback that won’t be forgotten. Dortmund beat Augsburg 5-3 in a crazy match, thanks to a hat-trick by new star striker Erling Haaland. The 19-year-old Norwegian came off the bench and scored three goals to decide the game. The English Bundesliga world feed commentator wasn't the only one consumed by ecstasy. A Norwegian live commentator and Dortmund legend Norbert 'Nobby' Dickel, commenting for Dortmund's net radio, were in raptures and could not believe their eyes.

The match also saw 17-year-old Giovanni Reyna, son of former US international Claudio, become the youngest player from the USA to feature in the top flight. How many goals will Haaland score for Borussia Dortmund after this incredible start? Let us know in the comments.

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54 thoughts on “FC Augsburg vs. Borussia Dortmund I 3-5 I Haaland Hat-Trick Leads BVB to Sensational Comeback

  1. Can we praise hazard for being unselfish and instead of shooting 5 feet away from goal he passes to haaland

    1. @Ryan lol lewandowski did not have a debut this good plus i have a feling his career is starting fall a bit

  2. That assist for Augsburg’s first goal though, jeez what a pace

  3. This is how you do a highlights clip. Felt like I was watching a movie. Damn good job man!

  4. Incredible from Hazard to assist Haaland when he could have easily scored

    1. He had to or «the beast» would never give him peace. The new boss has arrived.

  5. Came here after Haaland got the Golden boy award. A beast 🔥just as from today

    1. @Daniel that because the king of drama real Madrid wasn’t a part in it , and also because English teams sucks at finales

  6. Can we pls talk about the pass that led to the 4th goal. Like damn 😍

  7. Already one of the greatest match in 2019/2020 season. Deserves top 3 and give Haaland #10 or #9

    1. Jack 0000 Yeah, that’s probably why he scored 6 hattricks in 23 ish games this season and 8 goals in UCL…

    1. Chilly Boy It’s a joke haha—he means that he’s treating the BUNDESLIGA like kids…Haaland is going to be a name to remember

  8. Dortmund vs Augsburg is always a must watch now. last year 7 goal thriller with a Paco Alcacer hattrick as a sub and now it all turned around and this year was a Haaland hattrick as a sub and both these games Dortmund turned around. Bundesliga is amazing!

  9. 2:27 «That’s the substitution we all been waiting for»
    Augsburg would like a word with the commentator

  10. Just why Augsburg were cut out keeping a highline when leading 3-1 and beyond, is beyond me. It’s not news that BVB are very dangerous on the break.
    Self inflicted from Augsburg IMO.
    Harland by the way made the right choice of club. Going to Man Utd can no longer be passed as a move to win things. It’s just for the wallet.

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