Crossbar Challenge — FC Augsburg

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In a few weeks it all starts back up again: The Bundesliga Season 2014/15. But it is right here that you’ll find the first battle between the Bundesliga clubs. The aim is to hit the crossbar from 16 metres out. Five players have been chosen to represent their club. Each club has 15 attempts each, so three per player. Thankfully, very simple and extremely entertaining! Get to know the Bundesliga’s star in a completely different way. Day two of the Bundesliga Crossbar Challenge takes us to FC Augsburg.

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24 thoughts on “Crossbar Challenge — FC Augsburg

  1. Crumbled like Brazil’s Semi Final defence. Still, great entertainment!

  2. Lol, they started so promising but in the end they only scored 2 xD

  3. This is one of the reasons why I love the Bundesliga, You guys see even FC Augsburg have a beautiful stadium!

  4. You guys should do a random pick at the end of each video so it makes it a lot more exiting

  5. Next season should be new rules:
    1 point: Crossbar AND NO goal.
    2 point: Crossbar AND goal.

  6. @Bundesliga Could you write players’ names as subtitles?
    Sometimes it is really hard to get what they say while introducing?

  7. Im pretty sure they had like an hour to practice hitting it before they started lol

  8. Im pretty sure they had like an hour to practice hitting it before they started lol

  9. Amazing start, but unfortunately they didn’t maintain the rhytm 🙂

  10. OMG how when I saw the first 2 hit I thought well of couse they r gonna beat munchingladbac then I saw a shot show lmfao look so much easier in the screen

  11. German is such an intimidating language. I just feel the need to say sorry after everything they say. 

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