Bayern beat the curse | FC Augsburg vs. FC Bayern München 2-5 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal Round 2

Enjoy the highlights of FC Augsburg vs. FC Bayern München from Round 2 of the DFB-Pokal 2022/23.

Goals: 1:0 M. Pedersen (9′), 1:1 Choupo-Moting (27′), 1:2 Kimmich (53′), 1:3 Choupo-Moting (59′), 2:3 Upamecano (ET, 65′), 2:4 Musiala (74′), 2:5 Davies (90’+1)

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60 thoughts on “Bayern beat the curse | FC Augsburg vs. FC Bayern München 2-5 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal Round 2

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  1. Muller show us that he still can give assist for only 10 minutes playing….what a legend💯

    1. U know who misses mueller lewy lewy great striker but he needs to play with unselfish players mueller was one of the most unselfish players

    2. @Shan Lol if you really say easiest league, why don’t you start scoring goals against them?

    3. @Shan would like to see if any of ur countrymen even are good enough to play in the bundesliga? 😂 league that produced 7 UCL winning sides and local players who’ve won 4 world cups. What’s ur local league Shan? 😂😂😂

  2. Choupo DESERVES to start more, he practically gets a goal or an assist every single time he starts 😂♥️

    1. @Royal Greyhounds your right look if it was easy to be a tap merchant every striker would average 20 goals a season. Good strikers score easy goals because they make sure they are in a position where scoring a goal becomes easy

    2. @Sachimo lol when you are so talented some people think it’s luck.

  3. Choupo-Moting acted well as a forward striker!
    Bayern has many members to score and replace Lewandowski! Fantastic!

    1. @rajevrocks1 problem is that he’s already 30. Osimhen or Vlahovic would be a better investment.

    1. @Cody Ferrell for sure. Not many other LB I can think that are even close to his level. Maybe Theo Hernandez but that’s it.

    2. think he is officially the best LB in the game now… last year he could be considered that too, but other great lbs, but think he is playing better than the rest this season.

  4. Time to shine choupo moting he scored every goal when he came out ❤️😀

  5. Mane pressing is unheard of the amount of times he steals the ball from the defender is insane 💀

    1. @Sachimo seems like Liverpool is back all they needed was to. Change formation

    2. @En Ei it’s the impact you can’t see in stats and only notice once it’s gone and he is so selfless he never cared about the recognition.

    3. @Sachimo yeah ngl I do believe he was pools most important player and now he’s left they’ve lost a big piece of their puzzle

    4. he didnt have rest and was sleepless cause of his flight but still played well

    5. He is so underrated as a Liverpool plan he was more impactful then anyone else on the team for his tenure and you see it now. Brilliant player and probably the greatest pressing forward I have ever seen

  6. Kimmich, Musiala, Davies are so good. Choupo Moting made me surprised. very good performance. He is deserved more games in the coming future.

    1. @No retreat no surrender well, he wanted to write Moting, but his corrector probably made it «Moving».

    2. What about Choupo moting , the guy is very good too.

  7. Chipou -Moting is coming out well. Hard working. Good dribbler. Scores great goals as well. This Bayern Team is ozzing goals from all corners!!!!

  8. Muller waiting,Muller spotting and Davies arriving………GOAL..

  9. No a Harry Kane , Mía San Mía 💪 Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting de verdad se lo merece 👏👏👏👏👏

  10. I would love to see Choupo-Moting in first lineup.I think he’s ready to score goals like lewandowski.He should have score hat-trick in this match.

  11. Choupo — Moting must begin and participate in more games! He’s a capable striker.

  12. Choupo — Moting needs to start and play more matches !! He is a good striker 🔥🔥

  13. Davies is so quick defense & help attacking bulid up. The finish has good too, its remember me Jordi Alba in golden era as well but he will be more hunger & consistency every match

  14. Every time I watch Bayern, I just want to see if Mane scored. 😅

    With love from a Liverpool fan.

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